John Bolton, who is a former national security adviser for President Trump, released a book this week which contained information that indicated our president advocates for concentration camps and the execution of journalists. According to Bolton, Trump told the president of China that constructing concentration camps for Muslims in China sounded like a good idea to him.

John Bolton's book also states that President Trump supports the execution of journalists. Bolton claims that Trump called journalists 'Scumbags' who should be 'executed'. Many times the president has referred to journalists as scumbags, so Bolton's claim appears to be legitimate.

In chapter 30 of book 3, "TRANSFORMATION", Simon, the extraterrestrial who is the commander of the earth mission, appeared before the UFP to give a report on the state of affairs on planet Earth. He stated that Human rights abuses were gaining momentum and racism was becoming more prevalent. Journalists in several countries were victims of public executions. Refugees and those seeking asylum were rounded up and imprisoned in concentration camps. Protesters and ordinary citizens controlled by despots were arrested and sent to labor camps. It was reminiscent of the Nazi era, however, there exists more than one autocratic dictator which has rendered the world situation to be even more dire.

Let's hope the situation does not become as dire as Simon stated to the UFP.

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