In my book series, COMING OF ANGELS, I devoted many pages to the destruction of bees through the extensive use of pesticides. In book three, TRANSFORMATION, the Graphites planned to destroy bees by using poisonous pesticides for the purpose of eliminating bees that pollinate all fruits and vegetables. This practice would cause a famine and the end result would be the death of millions of people worldwide.

The COMING OF ANGELS book series was written as fiction; however, many things that were written in the series have come true and the poisoning of bees is one of them. I received information from the Sierra Club that clearly states that neuro-toxic pesticides marketed by Bayer-Monsanto, called neonicotinoids, a type of insecticide that affects the central nervous systems of insects, is used extensively in farming and it is killing the bees who pollinate crops.

When seeds are coated by neonics, the pesticide spreads throughout the entire plant to the leaves, the pollen, and the nectar, which bees feed on. Studies have shown that chronic exposure to these pesticides disrupt the immune and nervous system of the bees. One can assume that humans may also be affected by these toxins since there has been an increase in neurological disorders, such as autism, and in immune system disorders as well which coincides with the use of these pesticides.

The honeybee population has dramatically decreased and as far back as 2006, beekeepers noticed that the bees that left the colony to pollinate plants never came back. The USDA reported that 33% of honeybee colonies died in just one year because of the use of toxic pesticides. A recent study indicated that even low levels of these toxic pesticides may reduce a bee colony by 55%.

If we lose bees, we lose a lot more than just the honey that they produce. We will also lose strawberries, peaches, avocados, pumpkins, and more than 140 fruits and vegetables. Bumble bees are responsible for pollinating 200 million pounds of tomatoes grown in U.S. greenhouses annually. 15 billion dollars in agriculture revenue, plus small farms and local businesses are at risk, not to mention the possibility of eventual starvation for millions. Remember, everything is connected and is dependent on each other in order for the planet to survive.

The European Union has banned these pesticides, but the U.S. has not, so it is up to every citizen to voice their concerns to the EPA over these toxins and do our share to stop this deadly practice of using poisonous pesticides on our crops. I urge everyone to write to Andrew Wheeler at the EPA to demonstrate your outrage regarding the use of these pesticides. Don't allow big business to engage in eventually killing all of us because we have no fruits or vegetables to eat, and stop them from causing neurological disorders in new born children and others. Let the EPA know that WE MATTER!!!

You can write to the following name and address:

Andrew Wheeler


Environmental Protection Agency

1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20460

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