Somalia has declared a national emergency as large swarms of locusts spread across east Africa. Locusts consume large amounts of vegetation and pose a threat to Somalia's fragile food security situation. The locusts are also sweeping across Ethiopia and Kenya, and Sudan and Uganda are bracing for the arrival of the locusts in their countries. The fear of famine is present in the east African countries. The United Nations has stated that these swarms are the worst outbreak in 70 years and could grow 500 times till June causing massive starvation. The U.N. stated that this swarm is a direct result of global warming.

Massive swarms of locust had descended onto farmlands in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen and Abu Dhabi in 2019. Heavy rainfalls and warm temperatures are referenced as the reasons for the swarms because they create a favorable environment for locusts to breed. Researchers stated that the population explosion is another effect of climate change.

Chapter 41 in book 3 - TRANSFORMAION - is titled "The Swarm" and describes swarms of locusts, beetles, and aphids descending on farmlands across the globe causing worldwide famine.

UPDATE - 2/25/2020 - Pakistan and India are the latest casualties of the locust swarms. The government of Pakistan declared a national emergency and the United Nations states that these swarms will trigger a humanitarian crisis and many people will be seeking asylum because of it. Locusts have been seen breeding in Iran.

UPDATE - 7/2/2020 - The continent of South America is bracing itself for the locust swarm that has been invading the Middle-East and Africa. Paraguay and Argentine are experiencing swarms of locusts and Brazil is bracing for them, anticipating that their country will be the next one to be invaded by these dangerous pests.

COUNTRIES AFFECTED BY SWARMS OF LOCUSTS - AFRICA - Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Unganda, South Sudan, Djibouti ARABIAN PENINSULA - Yemen, Saudi Arabia ASIA - Pakistan, India, Iran, Nepal

SOUTH AMERICA - Argentina, Paraguay

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