12/8/19 - Rick Steves, who is the well-known travel writer for PBS, has dazzled audiences with his travels throughout the world for many years. On December 8th he hosted a special on PBS that was titled Fascism in Europe and highlighted the fascist leaders, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Francisco Franco. This program featured film clips of these dictators and explained the conditions that existed in their countries which created an atmosphere for the development and growth of fascism.

Rick Steves has cited that the changing political environment along with fear mongering, angry nationalism, and the presence of wannabe dictators is a sign that fascism is alive in today's world. He states that history is speaking to us about the ideology of fascism and issues a warning about charismatic leaders trying to derail democracy in places like Poland, Hungary, and Turkey. He warns that people need to understand this ideology because it could take hold anywhere, even here.

During the reign of Hitler, six million Jews, one million religious prisoners, and nine million Soviet and Polish citizens were "eliminated" as part of the final solution. The documentary pointed out that fascists leaders succeed because citizens follow these leaders blindly, almost as if they were hypnotized. He also points out that Fascism led to a war that devastated Europe which required countries to be rebuilt.

This documentary gives a clear warning that the signs are beginning to appear around the world that could signal the opening of the door to fascism. This warning was also made clear in book 3, TRANSFORMATION. The bottom line is that all of us must be cognizant of what is going on in our country and in other countries around the world because it will impact our lives in a ways that we will not be prepared for.

UPDATE : On 3/30/2020 the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, became the absolute authority of Hungary and the corona virus was the excuse given for taking over the government. This power play has opened the door for a new form of government - fascism.

UPDATE : 7/2/2020 - CHINA - On June 30, 2020, China's parliament passed national security legislation for Hong Kong which paves the way for a more authoritarian form of government. Gone are the freedoms that citizens of Hong Kong have enjoyed in the past. Many perceive this move as the beginning of ultimately imposing the laws and lifestyle of mainland China on the citizens of Hong Kong. Conformity will replace freedom and no doubt, many will lose their lives as a result of refusing to conform.

RUSSIA - Russians voted to support a referendum on constitutional changes that would allow Vladimir Putin, who has served two decades in Russia, to remain in power until 2036.

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