Australia, like California, has been plagued with wildfires for some time. The recent fires have been massive with residents commenting that red is everywhere. The animal casualties are in the millions and 30% of the koala bears are believed to have been lost to these wildfires. The scene of the fires has been described as apocalyptic as 100 active fires keep burning, causing thousands to leave their homes and flee to the beaches. The fires have spread and intensified because of high winds and temperatures of 100 degrees plus. Residents are pooling their resources to rescue koalas and kangaroos who are national treasures. It was heartbreaking to see koala bears crying as they were stranded in areas where fires were closing in.

UPDATE - 1/2/20 - Wildfires are raging and 480 million animals were killed including 8,ooo koala bears. A heat wave is coming on the weekend and winds are suppose to be stronger by Saturday which could make the situation even worse. In addition to the fires, Australia is experiencing drought. A massive evacuation is taking place. Over 12 million acres across Australia have been destroyed.

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