Another incident that was mentioned in book 3, TRANSFORMATION, that appears to be coming true was the Committee meeting that took place on November 2016 in chapter 9 where Brexit was discussed. Angus, who is a Scotsman and chairman of the Committee, stated that Scotland is opposed to leaving the European Union and is considering leaving the UK. That statement has become a reality in Scotland. Today, Nicola Sturgeon, who is the leader of the Scottish National Party, held a press conference after the elections that took place yesterday. Ms. Sturgeon expressed the sentiment of Scotland that their vision of their future is not shared by the rest of the UK. She stated that the overwhelming majority of Scotland has shown discontent with the UK ignoring Scotland and the citizens of Scotland have said enough. There are two issues that Scotland is emphatic about which is not shared by the United Kingdom. First, they wish to remain in the European Union and the recent elections have confirmed that fact. Second, that Scotland renew its bid for independence from the UK.

Angus also mentioned that Northern Ireland also wished to remain in the EU and stated that they may unite with Ireland. It will be interesting to see if that will take place since Northern Ireland is a strong advocate of the EU and is opposed to Brexit as much as Scotland is. If Northern Ireland breaks with the UK and unites with Ireland, then that will leave the UK with a rather small kingdom. Their isolationism will place them in a difficult position on the world stage and they will become extremely vulnerable to other countries who have an aggressive agenda. They will greatly lessen their position as one of the major world powers.

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