All of you who have read the "Coming of Angels" series are quite familiar with Angus Mathers, the Scotsman who is the founder and Chairman of the Committee. Angus is known for his wisdom, compassion and generosity and is highly respected in military and intelligence circles. In chapter 9 of book 3, Transformation, Angus discusses the Syrian refugee crisis and how refugees are looked upon as pariahs by most people because they may possibly have a terrorist among them. Angus reflects on how he considers what wise men like Jesus or Buddha would do regarding situations of this type and how to treat fellow humans who don't look just like us or practice the same beliefs. He feels that the world population has lost its humanity and will be judged harshly because of it.

Today, I saw author Jim Wallis discuss his book titled, "Christ in Crisis" on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC. It made me think of Angus and what he said to the members of the Committee. Jim Wallis basically said that we are in a great moment of moral, political, and constitutional crisis which largely stems from how we have become disconnected from the teachings of Christ. Jim believes we have to go back to the teachings of Christ and sited white nationalism, demonizing immigrants, and abusing women as anti-Christ behavior.

One does not have to be religious to follow the teachings and example of Jesus. They are basic, common sense principles that every major religion subscribes to, however, some of the human race who are powerful have recently been ignoring the most basic of principles, the golden rule. That rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you, has been ignored in recent times. It is not just a religious principle, but rather one that is the very core of our existence as human beings and it is no wonder that the world is in disarray because we as a race have forgotten it.

All of us must be mindful that practicing the golden rule is the principle that separates the good people from the self-serving. We must not lose sight of helping our fellow human because someday we may be in a position when we will be the ones who need help. How would we feel if we were in dire need of assistance and everyone turned their back on us?

Angus told the committee members that after they have had a wonderful dinner with family and friends, sit back and imagine what it is like to hear the sound of bombs exploding around you or feel the effects of chemical warfare on your body. To then flee your home with nothing but the clothes on your back, with no food or drink, as you run for your life. Now imagine that you have a spouse and children with you and all of you are wandering through a foreign place where there is nothing for you and your family but rejection. You do not know where you will sleep, when you will eat, or where you will go if it rains or snows. Try to imagine that.

All of us must realize that we are not alone on this planet and that we are all connected to each other. That is how God set it up. He made all of us dependent on each other in one way or another, so we could be one with each other and Him. So, remember that when you think that immigrants or people with differences don't deserve your help. Keep in mind that it could be you who is in desperate need of help some day and how painful it would be if no one came to your aid. Remember to practice the golden rule because there is another rule that will not be kind to you if you ignore the golden rule, and that rule is karma. Do not forget why we are here on this planet and what we need to do in order to restore peace and harmony. Remember the golden rule.

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