A new book has been released entitled, SANDWORM, by author Andy Greenberg. SANDWORM is the code name for an elite group of Russian military hackers who are notorious for their relentless cyber war against the Ukraine and other countries, including the United States. It is believed that Russia is using the Ukraine as a test subject for their hacking skills in order to perfect them before targeting the western world. Russian hackers have caused blackouts throughout Ukraine while simultaneously launching military attacks against that country. In addition to blackouts that affected the shutdown of hospitals, private industry, the media, and government systems, the Russian hackers also managed to destroy thousands of computers with their malware. The malware "notpetya", which was released in June 2017 had a far reaching effect that extended to the United States. It started in the Ukraine and spread rapidly to Fed-Ex, the pharmaceutical giant, Merck, and Maersk, one of the largest shippers in the world, destroying all of their international IT centers. The malware wreaked havoc at the New York and New Jersey ports causing shipping containers to pile up at ports because they could not be unloaded. Trucks that were scheduled to carry the goods to their destinations, were detained near the ports causing long lines of trucks backing up for miles and tying up traffic for hours.

Businesses were not the only victims of these attacks. People were also affected and lives were lost because of hospitals losing access to life-saving information that was continuously being updated for patients who had life-threatening conditions.

It was estimated that Merck lost $870 million dollars, Maersk lost $300 million and $10 billion was lost globally because of this one cyber attack, not to mention the lives that were lost because of it.

Russia's ultimate goal is to bring the world to its knees by releasing a major cyber attack in the near future. In book 3, a chapter has been devoted to such an attack and as time goes on, it becomes more of a reality.

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