Jack, Leslie, and Kevin have contact with a charismatic extraterrestrial named Simon, who looks human and comes from the planet Nordia. He explains what races of extraterrestrials are on Earth and why they are here. He and his crew members, along with Sophielia, watch over the Branden and Leary families. They also watch over the human race to ensure their survival.

MEET SIMON - The charismatic, kind alien from Nordia who has been a guardian to the planet Earth for over 75 years. He loves Earth and has a special relationship with someone on this planet. He gives a glimpse into the Nordian race and how they compare to humans. He also identifies the enemy that wants to destroy mankind. Simon is loved by all who have read book 2. I suspect that someone out there will want to start a Simon fan club after book 2 is released because he is that amazing!

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