Meet Freddie and the rest of the characters from book one, Strange Happenings!

Meet Freddie! This handsome boy is the real-life version of the Branden family's own cat of the same name!

Here's a sneak peak into the other main characters in the Coming of Angels Series, book one, Strange Happenings...

Jack Branden, the award winning journalist and writer from Philadelphia who started out as a hardcore skeptic regarding strange phenomena, and the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, but whose opinion made a complete reversal when strange things happened to him and his family.

Leslie Branden, Jack’s wife who was always a believer, and who experienced several encounters with extraterrestrials, one of which corrected a problem with her reproductive system and enabled her to give birth.

Allie and Annie Branden, the gifted twins, one of them has autism, commune with an ethereal being who guides them and who communicates future world events. The twins, who are visionaries, possess the gift of healing and the gift which allows individuals to see themselves for who they really are. The girls develop powers as time goes on, and use those powers to help others.

Kevin Leary, the laid back, jovial, Irishman who worked alongside Jack Branden as a photojournalist and film maker reporting on terrorism in Ireland and the Middle East. The man who recruited Jack to do research on UFOs and strange phenomena for a British Film Company documentary.

Sophielia, the ethereal being who began to appear to Allie and Annie at the early age of two and a half, and who reveals future events to the twins. The angel who watches over the twins and whose signature of the scent of lavender, sound of wind chimes, dancing prisms and bright light are proof of her presence for those who can not see her.

Eric Newman, long time friend of Jack Branden, who worked at the Pentagon and who gave Jack secret documents which prove a government cover up regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial beings visiting planet Earth.

Dr. Judith Davies, a friend of Kevin Leary who is a psychiatrist that works with people who believe were abducted by extraterrestrials.

Mick Brant, a friend of Kevin Leary who was a former member of British Intelligence and who is a true adrenalin junkie. Mick, a master hacker who breaks into government data bases all over the world to acquire information proving governments knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Freddie the cat and Taffy the dog, who are the Branden pets who sit on the girls beds while Sophielia appears to the twins. Taffy, the pet whose strange behavior of barking, whimpering, and running upstairs to Allie and Annie’s bedroom is a sign that Sophielia is visiting the twins.

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