Jack Branden is a well-known, award-winning journalist who is highly respected in his field. He lived on the edge by covering stories in the eighties and nineties on terrorism in Ireland and the Middle East and reporting on human rights violations worldwide.


Jack realized after several years of globe trotting that something was missing in his life, so he decides to go back home to Philadelphia and do some soul searching. What happened when he made the decision to go back completely changed his life and set in motion a series of events that he was completely unprepared for and changed him from being a non-believer to a believer.

Strange Happenings is Book One in the "Coming of Angels" Series.


The quest for The TruTh continues when Jack and Leslie meet Simon, the charismatic, kind extraterrestrial from the planet Nordia, at their Vermont home on a cold night in December 2007.
Simon has been assigned as a guardian to planet Earth since the beginning of World War II. He gives a glimpse into the Nordian race and how they compare to those living on Earth. He reveals to Jack, Leslie, and Kevin who the races of extraterrestrials are presently on Earth, where they originate from, and what their agenda is concerning the human race. He also reveals the New World Order and what part they play in aiding the enemy whose mission is to destroy humankind.
Mysteries will be revealed to Jack, Leslie and Kevin as the story unfolds and experiences with Simon will leave the three of them in a state of awe. Simon will prove to be a most fascinating character as the Coming of Angels series continues.



Book 3 reveals what the Graphites and the New  Order have planned for the destruction of the planet Earth and the human race. Learn how the Nordians and the Greys along with Jack, Kevin, Mick, Angus, Mikhail, and Alexei react to these plans. Then, discover the true reason for Simon's obsession to save the planet Earth and its inhabitants.


The human race has a choice to make and an unusual event will be the determining

factor in their decision. Will humankind choose the high road or will they remain on the same destructive path? 

Secrets will be revealed as the story continues to unfold. Find out what fate has in store for the planet Earth and its inhabitants in the conclusion of the Jack Branden trilogy.